digital artists using design & motion & photography & video to make things we want to make

Omar Apollo thumbnail.gif

“Frío” Lyric Video for Omar Apollo

From concept to animation, created the lyric video for “Frío” in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Tokyo Flyer Square.png

5 Seconds of Summer

Ongoing work for 5 Seconds of Summer, including branding and design for global Pop Up Series, album art, merch designs, and more.


“F Boys” Lyric Video for Future Punx

Created the concept, captured footage, and animated the lyric video for Future Punx.

Album Covers and Videos for Eli Moon

Designed the album art and animated videos for multiple singles by Eli Moon, along with creating the branding for the overall project.

Justin Bieber/ BloodPop Friends

Republic Records

Various projects including animating album art, creating original animated content for their artists and creating social media content to be used on artist's pages.

Tainted Love Still 1.png

Lyric Video for ‘Tainted Love’ by Soft Cell

Concepted, designed and animated the lyric video for Soft Cell.


SXSW Showcase branding & visuals

Branding, zine, flyer, projections and visuals for SXSW Showcase.



That time we went to SXSW and did the thing, a lot of it. ;)