digital artists using design & motion & photography & video to make things we want to make

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We are an NYC based artists. How this has looked so far is doing album covers for musicians, animations of lots of those album covers, branding for start ups, social media for everybody, websites for photographers, posters for artists, and collages, photos, funny GIFs, and other projects for ourselves. The Valdez is what we call it when we do those things.

(photo by Dylan Heyer)

Some artists and companies we've worked with


About Molly

_Really likes bodega signs (too much?)
_Had various frogs as pets growing up
_Normally has swedish fish with me in case of emergencies
_Will send u pretty good memes
_Married to Judson

Find Molly

Insta - @mollythevaldez
Twitter - @mollythevaldez


About Judson

_Avid Gif maker
_Normally has some old camera on me
_Lover of the dollar slice
_Will definitely buy you a drink if you start talking about anime
_Sometimes plays music but not sure if I'm a musician or not
_Married to Molly

Find Judson

Insta - @judsonthevaldez
twitter - @judsonthevaldez